Ciner Plaza, Turkey

A huge decentralised OFFICE™ Solution Project for a big investor in media and energy in Istanbul, Turkey.

Akcor, Swegon’s partner in Turkey, has received a huge decentralised OFFICE™ Solution Project in Istanbul. The investor, CINER GROUP, is one of the biggest investors in Turkey in the field of Media and Energy. This project will have more than 9000 sqm of TV studios and a total of 39.000 sqm of office space divided on 22 floors within two buildings. 55 GOLD air handling units, 2.600 Parasol comfort modules and a complete set of LUNA room control equipment make this project a Swegon OFFICE™ Solution. With the unique flexibility of GOLD they will save both space and money by choosing a decentralised solution.

Quick facts

Country:   Turkey
City:   Istanbul
End User:   Ciner Plaza

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