GLOBAL One Piece Units

Robust units for small to medium air volumes, 100-9000 m³/h (28-2500 l/s) and built-in controls.

The Swegon GLOBAL air handling units is a new series of efficient and robust units, developed for installers valuing simplicity, contractors that need to keep time and budget and end-users who want the right indoor climate at the right cost.

The GLOBAL range suits small to medium size projects such as retail shops, restaurants, offices, schools, hotels, residential buildings, fitness centers, day-care centers, gyms, theaters and public buildings.

  • Integrated TAC5 controls
  • Temperature efficiency, heat recovery up to 86%
  • Air flows up to 9 000 m³/h (2500 l/s)
  • Cooling energy recovery
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Brilliant Simplicity – in every step

Selection: Every unit has a straight forward article number; one for right-hand units and one for left-hand units. Other parts, like post-heating coils, dampers or outdoor mounting kits are easily selected as accessory for each unit.

Offer and Order: You can quickly get an offer for any of the GLOBAL air handling units from your local sales representative who will also assist you in taking care of your order.

Delivery: Units and accessories are delivered ex-works within 10-15 working days.

Start-up and commissioning: One piece units, no mechanical assembly besides accessories and duct work is required on site. Start-up and commissioning is done quickly, due to the build-in TAC5 control on board all the GLOBAL units that includes different running modes and time clocks

Usage and Service: Once commissioned the GLOBAL air-handling units do not require much attention. Since all fans are direct driven there are no pulleys and belts and standard maintenance procedures such as change of filters are indicated by a service alarm.

Highly efficient heat exchangers

The highly efficient, Eurovent certified counter-flow and rotating heat exchangers. They facilitate supply temperatures and permit or allow transfer of humidity between the two airflows. The exchangers are in “salt-air resistant” aluminium and are suitable for temperatures up to 80°C. They are compliant with the DIN1946 tightness standard and are Eurovent approved according to the EN 308 standard.

Counter-flow heat exchanger (PX)

Counterflow plate heat exchangers consist of thin aluminium plates that form parallel air ducts arranged at opposite angles to one another. The warmer extract air heats the plates and transfers heat to the colder supply air. The contact surfaces are large because the air streams flow in parallel and in opposite directions. Temperature efficiency is as high as 83 %. The supply air and extract air have completely separate air passages therefore any possible odours in the extract air cannot be transferred to the supply air. The heat exchanger does not recover moisture to supply air, which is good in facilities with high humidity levels.

Rotary heat exchanger (RX)

The rotary heat exchanger consists of a rotating wheel with a multitude of small air ducts made of aluminium. The warmer extract air heats the ducts and the heat is transferred to the colder supply air. Temperature efficiency is as high as 80 %. A certain amount of moisture, removed with the extract air, is recovered to the supply air. This can be beneficial in the winter when the outdoor air is usually dry and results in problems for people and interior fittings and electronics.


Top connections Rotary Heat Exchanger, <3200 m³/h


Rotary Heat Exchanger, <9000 m³/h


Plate Heat Exchanger, <6000 m³/h


Low Profile Plate Heat Exchanger, <2000 m³/h


School Unit PX, 100-1000 m³/h (27 – 270 l/s)


Plate Heat Exchanger, <6000 m³/h


Plate Heat Exchanger, <2000 m³/h


Rotary Heat Exchanger, <3000 m³/h