Web demo of the GOLD control system

Try out the control system in the GOLD air handling units from your web browser.

GOLD Version E Demo

GOLD Version E demo unit with IQlogic control system, where you are able to fully administrate and alter values.

Address: http://golddemo.swegon.se
User name: local or installation
Password: 0000 for local, 1111 for installation

GOLD LP Live    

Complete Office Solution with a GOLD LP 05 with rotary heat exchanger in operation, serving an auditorium at the Swegon headquarters in Kvänum, Sweden.

Address: http://goldlive.swegon.se
User name: reader
Password: reader

The values of the GOLD LP Live unit cannot be altered.

Horizontally installed GOLD LP serving an auditorium at the factory in Kvänum
Swegon Connect    

Access two GOLD version E air handling units, with IQlogic control system, connected to Swegon Connect.

Address: http://swegonconnect.com
User name: Demo
Password: Demo1234

Connected products
User name: local
Password: 0000
Login to Swegon Connect

Web demo of control system in GOLD

Try out the control system in the GOLD air handling units and Swegon Connect from your web browser.